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Sofa, mattress, carpet cleaning

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Offer A chain of laundry service and cleaning with high quality as details


↪️ Service of cleaning the houses, rooms are concerned using by many customers. To meet the needs, I-CLEAN offers the service “Cleaning” in our offerings. Together with the development of economics, the people are working a lot and have no time for cleaning. After working, coming back a dirty and messy home, you will get bored and tired.


↪️ The service of cleaning from I-CLEAN will return the clean, tiny house to you. We will help you out cleaning, arranging, and swinging all messy stuff to get more free time rest with your family.


↪️ I-LCEAN ensures services done with healthy and professional staff who has good character, works on time and hard. To ensure to keep a good quality service toward to customers, we never stop recruiting, training, equipping new machine to ensure best quality during using the services.

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