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Our Services


I-CLEAN offer chains of washing, cleaning service to meet the highest requirement of customers.


I-CLEAN offer high quality of washing and cleaning aim to family customers, offices, or individuals living in apartments around Bien Hoa… With the high tech of washing and cleaning, is the place where customers can believe in washing and protect all fashion product, interior as sofa or carpet.

If customers are organizers as hotels, restaurants, spa/massage, owner of apartments…want to find a good place for washing and cleaning of your own organizer, I-CLEAN is the best choice to satisfy your worries.

To be an organizer experienced in press/dry clean, wet clean, industrial clean or hand washing, I-CLEAN understand that washing keeps an important key in people’s lives. I-CLEAN always work based on quality for developing the brand name in this city and around it. We aim to make a chain of shop of I-CLEAN in the closed future. For the items of hotel or spa we do washing such as: Tower, sheet, pillow cases, hand tower, etc. They are required not only clean and white but also soft and straighten. And important key is to keep its own quality for a long time without dirt or wear and tear.

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